This months Artist of the Month is Chrysti Hydeck

This is who she is in her own words. I am a artist, writer, photographer & instructor and  all around, all American smartass. A dreamer, lover of nature and a big believer in miracles. I am a avid collector of words and I adore animals, children, whimsy and most things-odd. I am a most willing student of life and some say I am a purveyor of hope and a distributor of kindness.

I am a incurable optimist. I immerse myself in the wondrous magic that creativity offers and my life is richer because of it. I delight in simple pleasures. I look for the extraordinary in the ordinary and I wholeheartedly believe in possibilities.

Alyice Edrich interviewed Chrysti for the Empty Easel blog. I am including the first little paragraph so you will go and read the entire interview.

Chrysti Hydeck calls herself a Creatologist—an artist who combines various forms of artistic techniques under one roof. Online, she is best known for her “Artography” series, while her collectors know her for her mixed media.
As a toddler, Chrysti was a natural born mixed media artist, ripping apart her books and creating masterpieces on her bedroom walls with anything and everything she could get her hands on.
When diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, Chrysti used her love of creating to help calm her ticks. Later on, she discovered art to be a viable career choice, and in only seven short years, Chrysti has gone from unknown to well-known.
Today, she has generously offered to answer questions about how she uses the internet for marketing and social networking, and how her efforts online have impacted her art career.

You can read the entire interview along with many other great interviews and articles at the Empty Easel Click here. The article is based more on educating other artist from her success than telling about her art. To see her work you can visit her web site. She has a very large and impressive collection.

The trees is the reason I choose her for the Artist of the Month.

The Forest in Black & White

These photos were taken with her iphone. That alone should be an inspiration to all of us.

Chrysti also has a blog and I invite you to visit in order to see more of her art. Click here for her blog. Thank you Chrysti for your work and inspiration. A special thanks to the Empty Easel.


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