April Artist of the month

This months artist is Carolyn Gimarelli. She is a photographer and painter. I liked her work.  Please check out her website for more information. Carolyn’s Website. A little about her in her own words.

Art is something that is personal, something that reflect’s the soul and that is one reason why we all choose to have photographs, paintings, collages, posters, etc decorating our homes. Whether it’s a painting of a ruby red apple to brighten the kitchen or funky, abstract design that adds spunk to living room we hang art that makes us feel comfortable and happy, we display our favorite pieces because that little piece of inspiration makes us enjoy life more.


What I design here is not simply a picture, it’s a memory or desire that transports you to your favorite time and place. I have all different styles of art available and if you don’t see something right away that catches your eye I am always more than willing to provide you with the perfect custom piece for you.



Carolyn Gimarelli

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