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WorldGlass Network Gives a New Spin to Art Glass

By David Daniels, National Sales Manager for WorldGlass

WorldGlass is a multi-national network of glass manufacturers, distributors and artisans, and they are changing the way people think about art glass.

WorldGlass is a subsidiary of Daniels Group, who has been supplying art glass since 1972. Their mission is to bring more decorative glass into homes and businesses. Working with leading manufacturers and innovate new companies from around the world, the company has secured the largest selection of unique architectural decorative glass in the United States.  Working with artisans and architects, they are stretching the creative limits of art glass.

Dichroic Glass for Large Architectural Projects

WorldGlass offers DichroART™ the first large format dichoric glass of its type. Sheets are available up to 60” x 80”, allowing designers to use dichroics in large architectural projects and major installations. The distinctive appeal of dichroic glass lies in its shifting color.  Its metallic dichroic coating transmits one color and reflects another, creating two distinctly different colors depending on the light or angle which it is viewed.  The cost of full-sheet dichroic architectural glass is significantly less than the dichroics used in art glass and dichroic films, opening up opportunities for use in large-scale commercial installations. The product can also be laminated or tempered to meet safety regulations.

Artists Lyle London and Richard Altman used 20 sheets of DichroART™ in their art installation for Renown Health Center in Reno, NV. With the dichroic glass, they created two dramatic hanging sculptures that resemble DNA strands. Named the “Double and Triple Helix,” the project caught the attention of the local press and the national art community even before its completion.

BellaMuro Architectural Glass

BellaMuro Architectural Glass™ offers designers a high-performance glass product with a limitless range of colors.  Paint is applied to the back of the glass, and then baked and sealed, using a special dual-coat process, making the glass resistant to chipping and fading over time. Available in large sheets or in tile format, this glass is popular for walls, countertops, backsplashes and dry erase boards.

Wider Selections of Clear Textured Glass

WorldGlass has pulled together one of the largest selections of rolled patterned and clear textured glass in the industry.  The Classical, Nature, and Geometric product series give designers over 100 patterns to choose from, and with their extensive distribution network, WorldGlass can ship product across the country quickly and at competitive rates.

Stained Glass for Architectural Use

WorldGlass has been a leading force behind the push to use real stained glass in commercial installations. The ColorART™ line offers architects authentic domestic stained glass, in a vast selection of colors, patterns and transparencies. WorldGlass and their distributors offer hundreds of different styles of colored stained glass, from traditional cathedral and opalescent glass, to iridescent glass. Designers can also choose from a variety of textures, and sold colors or wispy color blends. All ColorART can be laminated to meet safety requirements and to bring out its natural beauty.

About WorldGlass

WorldGlass is the largest single source of decorative architectural glass. With a network that spans across the globe, WorldGlass serves the entire architectural community and provides an unmatched selection of decorative architectural glass. Supported by unmatched customer service and glass expertise, customers can order mixed sheets, full cases, containers or place special orders for a range of pre-fabricated items.

WorldGlass is a Daniels Group Company, glass importer and distributor since 1972.

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