March Artist of the month Marc MacCallum

I saw Marc’s work at the Lee’s Summit Art Fair. It is the kind of thing that jumps out and grabs you. The colors and effects he gets from the metals are amazing. I am posting his own words from his web site.

Copper Metalwork

Marc MacCallum - Biography


Well,  I would like to say I have been a artist for as long as I can remember but unfortunately I have not. I guess you can say I am an accidental tourist in the world of art, falling upon it by chance.

My work is noted for its intensity of color and bold use of abstractual elements. I create two dimensional and sculptural pieces, incorporating a wide range of different artistic processes, from acetylene and propane torches to Pace picante hot sauce. My process may be random or spontaneous, an idea or an emotion beginning with a concept of a single piece of copper or pattern of colors and evolving with the completion of each work.

I now work with many types of metal, creating free form, smooth flowing abstract art and landscapes hoping to provoke emotion into to others as the the pieces of art did for me in the beginning opening up a whole new world of design for me.

Marc MacCallum

As apposed to placing his art here I am adding a link to his Gallery. If you have a few moments, check out his work. The metal becomes the artwork. It does not have to be framed. It is bold and alive. The designs he creates and the colors he comes up with are why I chose him as the artist of the month. His website gives you more information. I was really busy and did not have time for an interview but perhaps in the future. It would be interesting to ask some questions about what he does.

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