1/2″ Double door shower

The project of the month is a custom heavy shower. The double door is hinged on both sides allowing for the complete opening instead of the more common door and panel. The design was provided by the customer. They saw a picture of the etched double doors in a magazine. After etching the doors I applied ClearShield sealer to the etched part of the doors. This makes the etching easier to clean and helps it resist dirt and grime. The inside of the doors can also be sealed. The inside of the doors are the only side to get sealed under normal circumstances, but with a solid blast on the outside it is best to seal both sides.

Etched shower doorsEtched design

The design reminds me of cabinet doors with the different panels. The glass fills the opening completely. There is a 1/4″ gap around the outside of the doors and a 1/8″ gap between the doors. This is a good gap for heavy doors. It is possible for water to splash out of the gaps in smaller showers.  The normal design for a heavy shower would be a panel on the shower head side and the door hinged off the far wall. This double door set up looks awesome. It also gives you more room.

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