Chipped or scalloped edge mirror strips

For years the trend in new construction has been plate mirrors in the bath rooms. We are now seeing the trend revert back to framed mirrors. The other problem with plate mirrors on the back splash is people using a ammonia based cleaner on their mirrors and the silvering going bad and turning black on the edges. One solution to removing the plate mirror, is to add chipped edge strips to the face of the mirror. The chipped strips can be custom made to fit your mirror and a do it yourselfer can transform a mirror into a show piece in a couple hours.

Chipped edge strip close up

Chipped or scalloped edge mirror strips.

The corner pieces are optional. They could be left off and the strips placed together on the mirror. Long strips will be very hard to ship, so it is recommended that shorter strips be used next to each other across a long mirror. This will make the border more interesting. This will also make it much easier to install.  Two faced tape and mirror mastic are used to hold the strips on the plate mirror. This holds them away from the mirror about an eighth of a inch away. The two faced tape holds the strips while the mirror mastic sets and acts as a mechanical holder. The light from the chipped or scalloped edge reflects off the plate mirror and makes the edge sparkle and dance. The only downside that has been brought to my attention is that it may be hard to clean the plate mirror in the corners where the chipped edges meet. This problem could be remedied with a feather duster.

Mirror with chipped or scalloped edge frame.

Rectangle mirror with chipped or scalloped edges. The strips are two inches wide.

The chipped strips would need to be custom made to fit your mirror. You can contact me at [email protected] if you would like a price quote. If you are going to add strips to your existing plate mirror always make sure that the mirror is still firmly attached to the wall. I have seen mirrors that are very loose and unsafe.

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Artist of the Month Rebecca Latham

My Artist of the Month is a painter and photographer. Her Mother and Sister¬† are also artist. You can visit their site at lathamstudios. I found her by reading a interview by Alyice Edrich from the emptyeasel. You can read the article here at emptyeasel. She also has a blog you can visit here at Rebecca’s blog.

Please visit my favorite place, her animal gallery. Thanks to Rebecca for letting me feature her work this month. Please visit the links to learn more about her.

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