Custom Glass Name Plates

Custom glass name plates make perfect personal and corporate gifts.People love gifts with their names. Not only is it as personal as you can get but it also shows them that you cared enough to do some gift planning in advance. Most of the name plates you see are of polished edge glass without a base. My custom line of name plates feature a edge that  has been chipped by hand. They are offered with both a wood and glass base to support them and give them a finished appearance.

custon chipped edge nameplate with glass baseThe glass in the picture is low-iron glass. It was created by lowering the iron content of the glass to reduce the green tint that you see in glass. These name plates are made from 3/8 inch thick glass. The chipped edge catches the light and makes it dance across the surface.

corporate style of name plate with wood base

This is my corporate version of name plate. It is taller and has room to etch the name and logo of the company. I etched my company tag line into this name plate. That would give you an idea of how small lettering can be etched. If you are interested in more information on name plates and the options that are available such as size, shape , font styles, thickness and base options, visit my web site. My site is set up with Google Checkout to provide you with ease  of use and credit card protection.

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January Artist of the Month David Beal

Happy New Year and welcome. My Artist of the Month is David Beal. David is a fine artist  that prefers to paint portraits. The reason is because he enjoys the challenge of capturing a person’s personality and attitude. He strives to tell a story about the person and get an emotional response from the viewer. For instance he told me the story of his son in this painting. He was waiting for them at the art gallery and David took his picture and painted it later. You can instantly tell by the look on his face he is ready to go. At first I thought the background was live people but David pointed out it is a painting he is standing in front of. After pointing it out I saw the second frame. Both frames match, I thought that was a nice touch.Painting of his son

David prefers a live model and his sons made perfect candidates. You will notice several portraits of them in his body of work. One of my favorite story’s he told me was of him painting his son. He started out the setting with a happy look but it eventually got to the point of the look he captured. The look he came to recognize as yes Dad, I get it, While dad was handing down advise. This look also became the I have had enough look. What I liked the most about this story was that David was able to capture this look and the emotion that came with it as it transpired at the end of the setting. He changed the emotion of the setting while the work was in progress. Another testament to his skill as an artist. The second portrait of his son has quite a different look on his face. Both paintings masterfully done.

Painting of his son

David named this painting “Knowing Jacob”- because Jacob is saying ” I know Dad, I know!” with his eyes. Jake had reached a stage in his life where he thought he knew it all…and didn’t want anymore wise, fatherly advice.Happy portrait of his son

I first viewed his art at a Hallmark weekend show. I was instantly impressed. I met with David in his studio and visited with him about his art.  I personally like realism and his paintings are very real. What impressed me the most about his portraits is the depth. The deep contrast between shadow and color that make the subject come alive. I asked if he had a favorite pose and he said no, the light was more important than anything. He said his style of painting lends itself to the shadows. He paints the background and the darkest tones first. Then he removes the paint from the canvas where he will later add color for his subject.  After the background he adds his shadows. This is directly related to his education and the people he has studied with. His education is clearly explained on his website so I hope you will visit his site for more information. From the paintings in his house and studio these are my favorites. To me they look like they could move at any time. I think the shadows give them life.

David works in oils. He likes to slow down the paints drying time because he likes the paint to blend together. This takes longer for the paint to dry so he usually has three canvases going at one time. He goes back and forth working on one while the other dries. This is a picture of his pallet. This is as much his skill in blending the colors to get what he wants as is the depth of shadow that he uses them to create.

Pallet of paintsThe painting he is working on now is a self portrait from a photo taken in Chicago. He is working on using patterns and contrast in his paintings. His goal is to create shapes and patterns from the background that shift into the subject. You can see the intriguing study of designs in some of his paintings. His goal is to create  mystery and tell a story. He wants the people that look at his paintings to relate to the people in his paintings.

work in progressI like that the figure on the left is not as far along as the center subjects. This is because it is a work in progress. He is working on the detail of the wall tile now. Bringing the tile design out in the shirt to blend it together. This is a large canvas. I am sure it will be amazing when it is finished. He works full time for Hallmark Cards so he is limited to nights and weekends in his studio. This is another reason he works from pictures but says he prefers a live model. Here is a picture of a piece he has just finished.

portrait he has just finishedMy pictures don’t do justice to the original portraits. He has two shows coming up where you can see his work in person. The first one will be at the Truman Medical Center at Lakewood at 7900 Lee’s Summit Road Kansas City, Missouri in the lobby starting the 8th of January 2011 and running for three months. The second show will be at Leedy Voulkos Gallery, 2012 Baltimore Ave. Kansas City, Missouri from the 4th  until the 26th of February 2011. I will list some of the pictures I took. Some of these will be in the show so be sure and see them in person if you are in Kansas City.

Portrait of woman

Portrait of boy and man

Complete portrait of woman

His website is run by A Stroke of Genius Portrait Artist. The artist with this group were juried in after submitting their work. There are only two artist in Kansas City area. One in Kansas and one in Missouri. So please show your support and visit Davids website and his shows. If you would like to commission David for a portrait in oils and he is also available for portrait drawings.

portrait drawingportrait drawin2A special Thanks to David for his time. Remember to visit the shows. All images Copyright David Beal 2011.

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