Painted glass

Etched glass has a wide range of applications.

There are numerous ways that sandblasting can be used to create totally different
effects with the same design. The one thing that sandblasted glass,
and all glass for that matter, was missing is color. Until now!

Introducing premium back-painted glass.

The high-tech materials that we use to produce our product are the
latest technology and specially formulated for superior adhesion,
outstanding color stability, high resistance to moisture and can
be installed over almost any surface. We have a wide range of
opaque finishes and can also prepare quotations for you for
translucent, metallic and pearl base finishes, adding more
dimensions to your project.

The surface preparation and the application of the coating are
done in my shop under close supervision. It can also be applied to
the many types of textured glass that are available. Some of the pattern
glass available is fluted, rain, obscure, aquatex, hammered and of course
etched and carved. The translucent colors can be used to produce patterns like
stained glass. Some of the other applications for painted glass are
custom tiles for the wall, accents in regular tile, kitchen back
splashes, glass walls and partitions, bathroom windows, kitchen
cabinets and privacy stripes on shower doors.

If you are looking for personalized glass or mirror for your home I can help.
I produce custom etched glass with back painting, glue chipping, carving and a
full design studio. I build my own frames for many glass and mirror
applications. There are also a large assortment of hangers and bracket
systems available. If you have a wall or corner that needs a mirror or
piece of glass to dress it up, I can design something to fit. Etched
glass can be very simple in design or it can be very ornate. It is one
of the oldest treatment of glass available.

Most of the “designs and etchings” you see today are actually
frit printing or screen printing. These are very inexpensive ways of creating
very intricate designs in very large quantities of glass, but what if you want
something custom made to fit you personal taste? It is getting harder to find companies
that produce custom etched glass. Even the ones that produce custom
commercial work will not do residential work. I can produce one of a
kind pieces of glass to accent, decorate, or create privacy and
protection from people looking in your windows.

Etched glass can also be used to produce the perfect gift for someone
who has everything. Some of the places that I have used etched glass are
shower doors, front doors, sidelights, transoms, wine cellar doors, table tops,
windows, mirrors, gift items and car windows. Any glass or mirror
object that you would like to stylize. If you have a small project
or a large remodel project, I can help you with the design work,
custom glass enclosures, mirror’s and custom framing.

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Glass etching

Glass is not thought of as a artistic medium. I am not talking about the high end crystal and hand blown glass. I am talking about the stuff your window is made of. It is mostly taken for granted. The first time a bug hit you instead of the windshield that would change. Glass is used in our everyday lives as much as wood and steel. This blog is about using glass for etching.

Glass etching is mostly thought of as a hobby or craft. There are some that say that art is not something that has been done. That is why you see broken light bulbs tied to a used tire and called art. I think of my self more as a master craftsman. I have been at it for awhile now. I started in 1984 right out of high school.

I think glass is the perfect  medium. Painting a picture is all about making the natural lighting look right. The better a artist does at that, the more realistic the painting. Well with glass art, the light and the glass are one. If the light did not create dark shadows, you would not be able to see it at all.

So if you have a window that you think is ugly, I can fix that. This blog is where I will give you ideas and tips for decorating with etched glass. Send me a email if you have a question.

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