Cabinet Glass

There are numerous types of pattern glass that can be used for your kitchen cabinets. The problem with pattern glass is that most of it is opaque. If you wanted pattern glass and a design I can etch the design onto the pattern glass. If you want to make a statement or include a design from your wallpaper or a favorite rug, I can create a custom design. Etched glass makes wonderful cabinet glass. Grape designs work really well in the kitchen. The etched Pantry door is becoming more and more popular. The great thing about custom etched glass is the numerous ways a design can be done. If you will picture a bunch of grapes on your cabinet glass I will tell you the different ways. The first way is to etch the grapes and leave the rest of the glass clear. This gives a very delicate effect and allows you to see through the glass. The second way is to leave the grapes clear and etch the rest of the glass. This is a reverse etch and is for when you want to cut down on being able to see inside the cabinet. It makes a bold statement and stands out. The third way is to lightly carve the grapes and then solid blast the rest of the glass. This is when you have glass cabinets but wanted them to be completely obscure. The reason I say lightly is because cabinet glass is usually 1/8 inch thick. If you carve to deep into the glass it would have to be tempered safety glass. This would strengthen the glass and allow the design to be carved up to half way through the glass.

I am working with a client to create a design for the cabinet glass and I came up with a contemporary design that I liked. I thought I would share it with you since the design world seems to be moving toward modern and contemporary designs. I would love to work with you to design your custom kitchen cabinet glass.Contemporary Design for Kitchen CabinetsModern Design for Kitchen Cabinets

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Custom Glass Name Plates

Custom glass name plates make perfect personal and corporate gifts.People love gifts with their names. Not only is it as personal as you can get but it also shows them that you cared enough to do some gift planning in advance. Most of the name plates you see are of polished edge glass without a base. My custom line of name plates feature a edge that  has been chipped by hand. They are offered with both a wood and glass base to support them and give them a finished appearance.

custon chipped edge nameplate with glass baseThe glass in the picture is low-iron glass. It was created by lowering the iron content of the glass to reduce the green tint that you see in glass. These name plates are made from 3/8 inch thick glass. The chipped edge catches the light and makes it dance across the surface.

corporate style of name plate with wood base

This is my corporate version of name plate. It is taller and has room to etch the name and logo of the company. I etched my company tag line into this name plate. That would give you an idea of how small lettering can be etched. If you are interested in more information on name plates and the options that are available such as size, shape , font styles, thickness and base options, visit my web site. My site is set up with Google Checkout to provide you with ease  of use and credit card protection.

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Christmas is coming

It is that time of year. Everyone will soon be stressed out about what to get people on their list that “have everything”. I am writing this to let everyone know that etched glass makes a perfect gift for any one. How is that? Etched glass is the process of creating designs on glass. Any glass can be etched and the design can be very personal. Including someones name on a coffee cup or incorporating their favorite hobby will create a one of a kind gift that they will cherish forever. The great thing about etched glass for a Christmas gift is that it can be as small and cheap or as large and expensive as you need it to be.

I just etched some coffee mugs for a lady for her friends. They turned out really nice.Etched coffee mugsI will be getting my website geared up for Christmas so you can shop and buy it now. For now you can send me a message and I will be happy to create a one of a kind gift for you. I have my new Gift pages on my website completed. I will be adding more so post a comment if you have something you would like to see. Thanks Dean

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Glass etching

Glass is not thought of as a artistic medium. I am not talking about the high end crystal and hand blown glass. I am talking about the stuff your window is made of. It is mostly taken for granted. The first time a bug hit you instead of the windshield that would change. Glass is used in our everyday lives as much as wood and steel. This blog is about using glass for etching.

Glass etching is mostly thought of as a hobby or craft. There are some that say that art is not something that has been done. That is why you see broken light bulbs tied to a used tire and called art. I think of my self more as a master craftsman. I have been at it for awhile now. I started in 1984 right out of high school.

I think glass is the perfect  medium. Painting a picture is all about making the natural lighting look right. The better a artist does at that, the more realistic the painting. Well with glass art, the light and the glass are one. If the light did not create dark shadows, you would not be able to see it at all.

So if you have a window that you think is ugly, I can fix that. This blog is where I will give you ideas and tips for decorating with etched glass. Send me a email if you have a question.

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